Why Cooking Classes? Sharing our passion for food!

Why Cooking Classes? Sharing our passion for food!

Why Cooking Classes?

Food is about connection and connecting with others and ourselves in meaningful ways. Much like our love for music, nothing is more enjoyable than sharing similar tastes and enthusiasm for a specific style or artist. Thus, in the same way music has evolved over time, so too have food cultures, recipes, and histories. Our love for food and sharing our love for food is the quintessential reason I started cooking and is a driving force in everything we do. This core value is part of who we are and we feel that there is no better way to express that than in the form of our new In-Home cooking classes.  

In our classes we seek to showcase clear, precise, and practical recipes on the one hand, and also explore the story behind foods on the other. Whether you are process and detail oriented or if you are more of the improvisational type we will do everything we can to help you reach your goals. 

You may want to start meal prepping for yourself or you may want to prepare a romantic dinner for someone. No matter the occasion we will show you how to deliver on all fronts; kitchen organization, knife skills, techniques, time-saving measures, regional recipes, plating, knowledge of ingredients, safety and storage methods, avoiding food waste etc. We will show you what it means to think and work like a Chef and provide insight about how to improve your cooking for yourself and family. As you know there are always multiple variables at play when we are making a meal. Identifying them and understanding them are critical to the outcome of a dish. This is where we come in! We are here to show you how food is both a science and an art, a calculus and a form of expression. 

Remember, cooking for yourself is a lifelong skill that will impress anyone, save you money, and also help you control what you eat and how you eat. So, depending on your goals and expectations we will share everything we know and most importantly have fun doing it! We, thus, cordially invite you to check out our in-home cooking classes! 

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