1) How does the food prep work, when do you deliver?

The meal prep consists of three original chef made vegan dishes with a special sauce of the week. We also offer a homemade hot sauce tailored to match the flavor profiles of the meals. The meals are gluten-free and nut free.  

Ordering is done online, we take orders starting Tuesday until Sunday afternoon. 

We cook on Sunday and deliver meals Monday throughout the day in Middlesex County. Clients that are unable to retrieve their orders are asked to leave out a cooler with a couple icepacks so that the food stays cold. 

* All items on the menu for the HOT or FRESH meal are included in a single meal. 

2) How do you heat up the food?

The Hot Meal is meant to be eaten warmed. It can be warmed in the microwave for 2-3 minutes in the microwave safe container. It can also be heated in the over at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

The Fresh Meal is to be eaten cold as it usually consists of mixed greens and different vegetable and legume salads. 

The vegetable patties can be reheated in a toaster oven for 3-5 minutes; in air fryer for about 3 minutes, or at medium heat in a nonstick pan for about 2 minutes each side.  

Feel free to heat up your meals in a pan or oven if this is your preferred method. 

3) What kinds of oils and ingredients do you use?

We typically use extra virgin olive oil and canola oil in our cooking. We try to avoid all oils based on nuts and seeds due to allergies and dietary restrictions. 

We cook with fresh herbs, fresh citrus, and fresh vegetables. We love fresh, bold, and aromatic flavors and try to keep the food colorful and vibrant. 


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