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Avoiding Food Waste Class and Seminar

Avoiding Food Waste Class and Seminar

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Avoiding Food Waste Class and Seminar

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours

Description: Forty percent of all the food produced on the planet ends up as food waste. Whether it perishes in the fields or in the back of our refrigerators, many consider food waste one of the major issues in our food system. In this class and seminar we will present the issues broadly and then narrow down what we can do in our own homes to avoid wasting food. To do so we will prepare 3-4 recipes using common pantry ingredients which take into account the use of leftovers and safe storage and food prep.

Goal: This educational and interactive class seeks to identify causes of food waste and offers creative recipes and solutions for the home-cook to prevent waste altogether. With a better understanding of food safety, ingredients, and way of repurposing foods, together we can minimize food waste, learn new recipes, and save time and money in the kitchen.

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