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Raphivictus Curryunion

French Home Cooking

French Home Cooking

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French Home Cooking

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours

Description: French cuisine is renowned internationally as complex and instrumental to chefs in professional kitchens. One, however, does not need to pursue a Michelin Star to create delicious French dishes. On the contrary, with a little guidance, Chef Raphael will share some of his top family recipes (3-4 dishes), showcasing the simpler and often overlooked aspects of French cooking.

Goals: Our goal is to introduce you to another side of French cooking, the everyday side of things. We are not here to glamorize tiny morsels of food on giant white plates, or to cook everything in exorbitant amounts of butter. Rather, we seek to showcase the lighter and healthier qualities of French cuisine, the way grand-maman (grandma) taught us.

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